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About the company:

Our company name is Zielony Ekspres (Green Express).
Zielony Ekspres company was established in 2001. The company began operations
in Inowroclaw, with an initial area of 0.5 ha, and has steadily grown over the years.

Zielony Ekspres company aim to provide top quality turf with an efficient delivery service
and to ensure customer satisfaction. We offer ready to lay turf grass, enabling you to achieve a perfect lawn in hours. We use only the top rated specified varieties of seeds. Ensuring that our turf lawn has quality features such as: good all year round color, disease resistance
and hardiness.

Zielony Ekspres is also Hydroseeding Company. We have been providing hydroseeding
and erosion control services in Poland since 2005. In providing these services, we help our customers grow quality lawns, complete vegetative projects and comply with environmental regulations to protect the environment. We take pride in all of our projects. By preventing soil erosion, we all protect our surface and ground water now and for the generations to come.

We have provided erosion control and hydroseeding services for many municipalities,
large corporations, small businesses and individuals.

We can provide hydroseeding and erosion control for any type construction including:
golf courses, sports fields, parks, roads, shopping centers, mines and industrial parks.

No project, anywhere in Poland, is too large for us.

Contact us:
Zielony Ekspres
ul. Poznanska 4
88-100 Inowroclaw
phone/fax number + 48 52 357 92 71

Mr. Dariusz Teresinski
mobile phone + 48 608 803 154
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Adres biura: ul. Poznańska 4, 88-100 Inowroc³aw
tel./fax. (0-52) 357 92 71
mgr inæ. Dariusz Teresiński
tel. kom. 0 608 803 154
email: biuro@zielonyekspres.pl